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G-Code Brand Pillars 

Community Development

  • Engage low-income communities

  • Partner with charitable groups

  • Foster positive creativity 

  • Teach technology proficiency 

  • Encourage people who make their own games 

Boosting Fun and Confidence

  • Coach persistence in the face of difficult challenges

  • Accessible for all ages & skills

  • Rewarding accomplishments

  • The positive rush of gaming and connecting with others

New Way To Connect

  • Supporting stronger family interaction

  • Enhance connections to others

  • Frictionless experience for users & purchasers 

  • Convenience: logistics & competitively prices

Respectful Competition

  • Celebrate other's wins

  • Be a humble winner

  • Congratulate teamwork 

  • Welcome all skill levels, backgrounds, and game interests

Safe Gaming Enviornment

  • Neutral escapism

  • Stress Relief

  • Familiar Space

  • Identity exploration

  • Strengthen understanding of yourself 

G-Code Brand Position 

"To youth game seekers and their parents, gamers, corporations, businesses, and anyone that loves to have a good time who are craving new and rewarding ways to connect, G-Code is the safe and secure mobile gaming experience that boosts fun for everyone through respectful competition and hassle-free service, fostering stronger connections among friends, family, and the community." 


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