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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Does G-Code Game Truck need to be at a park or parking lot? Or can G-Code come to my house?
ANSWER: G-Code park just about anywhere. However, we cannot park on a steep hill. If this is the case for your home we advise that you find a nearby parking lot or park.   

QUESTION: Will there be any instruction on how to play the video games inside of G-Code? 
ANSWER: Our game instructors will be attentive and helpful throughout the duration of the event. During this time the game instructor will assist and instruct those that may have not much experience with gaming.  

QUESTION: What type of games does G-Code carry? I want to make sure that my child is not exposed to content that surpasses their age limit. 
ANSWER: Simply let a member of G-Code Staff know during booking your age limit/ game content requirements and we will be sure to make sure that we only play games suitable for your event. 

QUESTION: What happens to my booking in the event of bad weather?
ANSWER:  As long as it is safe for us to drive we will be there! Our Game Truck is climate controlled. In the event that it is unsafe for us to drive we will work with you to get your event scheduled for another day.

QUESTION: What time will you arrive?
ANSWER: We will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your event start time to clean and set up.

QUESTION: Can I make a special request for certain games?
ANSWER: We encourage you to make a request and we will make a best-effort attempt to have the game available during your event.  However,  there is not any guarantee that we will be able to fufill all requests. Please let us know during booking if you have any special requests

QUESTION: Is there a deposit to confirm our booking? 
ANSWER: G-Code is constantly booked so we encourage anyone interested in booking G-Code Game truck to do so well before your scheduled event date.  In order to reserve your date, a deposit totaling half of your final price will be needed. 

QUESTION: Can you come to parks? 
ANSWER: Please check with your local Parks & Rec Department for their specific parking requirements.

QUESTION: What consoles are in G-Code Game Truck? 
ANSWER: We currently carry PS4s and Nintendo switches in G-Code Game Truck 

QUESTION: Do we need to provide power for the Game Truck? 

ANSWER: No. We provide power to the game truck. We are self-generated. 

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